NURSAL EMS TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator with 8 Electrode Pads/Pouch/Pads Holder, Rechargeable 16 Modes Electronic Pulse Massager for Pain Relief Therapy, Arthritis, Muscle Stiffness/Soreness/Aches

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  • Safe, Non-invasive and Non-medicinal Pain Relief – The NURSAL TENS unit muscle stimulator uses electronic pulses to stimulate muscles via multi-preprogrammed massage modes that provide pain relief and soothe muscle stiffness, just as a real human massage does. People with back pain, neck pain, arthritic or inflamed discs/ joints, shoulder tension and many more injuries and disabilities can benefit from using this TENS device/ muscle massager.
  • Built-in Powerful Rechargeable Lithium Battery – A built-in battery provides up to 20 hours of continuous use, and a rechargeable TENS unit means you don’t need to worry about those dead AA batteries anymore! In addition, a battery level indicator reminds you when charging is needed so you never run out of power.
  • 8 Strong Self-Adhesive and Thicker Reusable Electrode Pads – The NURSAL electrode massager comes with 8 self-adhesive reusable conductive pads, a comprehensive adhesive layer on the pad can be stuck more firmly onto the skin when used. In addition, different sized electrodes meet the needs of using it on different parts of the body, and this EMS muscle stimulator features a simultaneous dual output design, allowing for 6 pads to be applied to two different targeted areas at the same time.
  • Conveniently Pocket-sized & Free Dust-proof Pouch – This TENS machine come with a dust-proof pouch, and is portable and convenient to take with you so you can enjoy a relaxing massage anytime, anywhere! Indeed, it is small enough to fit into your pocket but powerful enough to bring you total body relaxation: use it for the back, knees, shoulder, ankles, wrists, and elbows, and make this the most powerful weapon in your fight against chronic pain!

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Pain Relief – Targets your pain precisely, Effective and Safe
By placing the pads exactly at the site of the pain, you get fast relief, without having to digest potentially harmful or addictive prescription medicine. This TENS therapy has FDA, CE,ROHS certification, which is considered free of side effects, so it’s safe to use it whenever you need!

Multi preprogrammed massage modes, designed for body relaxation
This TENS is with human body simulation technology, bionic technology, bioelectricity technology and microcomputer intelligent control technology, help for treating back pain, arthritic or inflamed discs/ joints, shoulder tension and muscle Relief. You can choose from several massage modes you like for your body relaxation.

20 levels of adjustable strength,penetrates muscle group deeper than human hands can
The sensation of massage is very real. You’ll wonder who is administering your massage -but it’s just the device! It penetrates muscle group deeper than human hands can. When you place electrode pads in the pain points, you will feel instant relaxation and pain relief. 20 level of strength adjustable by increasing or decreasing steadily. Increase “+” button from level 1 through level 20.

Notice: not suitable for pregnant women and hypertension patients

What you will get:
1 x Device
2 x Large pad
4 x Medium pad
2 x Small pad
2 x Electric wire (1/2 wire)
1 x Electric wire(1/4 wire)
1 x USB cable & AC adapter

81 reviews for NURSAL EMS TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator with 8 Electrode Pads/Pouch/Pads Holder, Rechargeable 16 Modes Electronic Pulse Massager for Pain Relief Therapy, Arthritis, Muscle Stiffness/Soreness/Aches


    I’m no longer certain the place you’re getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or figuring out more. Thank you for wonderful info I was searching for this info for my mission.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Brilliant aid for body pains!
    I started using it for my various pains around my body. It’s really brilliant. You can take it while you’re traveling since it’s so compact. Has so many good programs. I’m really enjoying it so far.

  3. Ray

    Very nice
    The unit helps lessen recovery time after Physical Therapy for back pain, Too early to rate a “5”, but I am very impressed with the unit – the power, the different modes, ease of use. I will revisit rating after some time. The accompanying manual was very weak though.

  4. Gini G

    High Hopes
    Recently received this Tens Unit and I’m hoping it helps with pain associated with osteoarthritis. Only had a chance to use it about 3 times but it feels good. After reading some of the reviews – I just hope it lasts. Received it on time. Would use this seller.

  5. Mickeylynn

    Works great!
    Works great! Works similar to TENS machine therapy I received at my doctors office years ago. The pads stick very well and last a long time if directions are followed. There are plenty of options and settings to try to see which option feels the best for what ails you. The directions are well written and detailed.

  6. dkbb

    Great product so far!
    So far the options on this unit and the amount of pad options is great. I have not had any issues with battery or it stop working since I got like other users. My low back and hips are finally getting some temp relief especially at work the unit is small enough to fit in my scrub pocket so I can get none medicated pain relief on the job. So far happy…. let you know I’m a couple months how it is going

  7. SHD-Blue

    Just like being in therapy
    I was not sure this would work as well as the ones in therapy but it does.

  8. Jennifer L. Curran

    Works as expected
    got here on time. works great. would purchase again if had to.

  9. Regan Sawyer

    Good deal and price
    Great price for this product. Tons of speed and massage options. Lots of extra pads. Long battery life. This is a good deal.

  10. Chester T Stanislawski

    Works well.
    Good value, works well so far.

  11. R. Johnson

    Lots of power
    Powerful. Really helps back pain

  12. Mex

    We recommend any time.
    I loved it!! Than’ you great price, seller,and product.

  13. sf reader

    Works very well
    Excellent, easy to use, and EFFECTIVE product for relieving muscle soreness and mild swelling.

  14. Darraugh’s choice

    Great product
    Compact, easy to use, seems to hold a charge well. Well packaged in a sturdy box for storage.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Better than my old one. I like the fact you can hook up 8 pads at one time.

  16. Mary Jo Snyder

    Well worth price
    Works well for the price. The battery lasts a long time. Like the different massages and strength of the unit

  17. Eric

    Works just as good as the $300 hidow tens unit.
    I have a $300 hidow tens unit I have used for years. My mother has bad arthritis in her knees and was always borrowing mine. I ran across this one and was sceptical how well it would work being it was so much less expensive. I was amazed when I gave it to her. It is almost identical to my expensive unit and works just as well.

  18. Amazon Customer

  19. Michael Coppock

    Works well and is user friendly. Has many modes …
    Works well and is user friendly. Has many modes and the signal can be very strong so don’t turn it up too high.

  20. Mother from Northern Virgina

    It really takes away muscle pains
    I love this product! You charge it and it last for days. The fifth massage option out of the six is my favorite, you will feel the deep tissue massage and it has worked wonders for me. Although I use them for hours at a time, my tendinitis and muscle pains are gone.. I’ve purchased five of this as a gift to my friends. How wonderful is that to give a $30 gift and help them with their aches and pains.

  21. Dale Holaway

    Be careful not to turn it up to high and leave it on to long.
    The unit was powerful and small enough to fit in your pocket to carry around. It has many different massaging features and is easy to use. The light up display helps when your laying in bed at night. I used it for my lower back and sciatic nerve and it helped tremendously.

  22. TCBK

    5 star product, 1 star instruction manual, comes with a cute carrying bag
    Disclosure, this is my first and only personal TENS unit, so I have nothing to compare it to, but… I’m very, very happy with it this first week in. Fortunately, other Amazon shoppers have offered great advice like sharing that wetting the pads before and after use can increase their longevity and giving am overview of what the settings really mean and better instructions than the English version of the manual for how to use the device. The manual says Hip & Thigh under a drawing of use on an upper arm and the last line of instructions cuts off. (I only speak/read English, so I don’t know of the other languages have the same issues). I don’t remember reading/seeing in the product details or in pictures that it comes with a bag, so I wanted to point it out. Please do put the pads on the connectors before turning on the device or you may get an unpleasant shock like I did when I touched the exposed metal. I recommend unplugging the wires after turning off the device and before removing the pads. (I decided to leave my pads connected to a set of the wires. See Pic. 2). There are 8 pads with 3 wires, 1 of which has 4 connectors, the others have 2 connectors. You can use 2, 4, or up to pads 6 total at a time by using the 1 or 2 outputs. Tonight I tried the double-connector and found a nice safety feature which is that the four pads won’t work until you have one of each connected to your person. I spent a long time on that info, so I’ll leave a short review due now that mentions that use of the product has resolved a severe bought of Charley Horses in my feet that have been going on about 2weeks, and gave me some temporary relief from chronic pain in my neck and upper back. I’m very happy with both results.

  23. Deborah A Carney

    Works just like it is supposed to.

  24. Carlin H Bell

    Small, but powerful.
    Small, but powerful. Easy to use!

  25. Miguel Martinez

    Easy to Use
    It is my first time using a product of its kind, and my boyfriend was a bit apprehensive to use it at first as well, but it is a nice easy to use mini-massage therapy.

  26. Diana Mapes

    This Tens Unit is Fantastic
    I love the fact that it is rechargeable, and the charge lasts for hours of use. Also, the different settings and pads that the unit has make is very versatile. I don’t normally write reviews, but this product definitely warrants one.

  27. Amazon Customer

    Love the product

  28. Bradley Wallace

    Good product
    A little complicated to operate but works good

  29. Alice GIlliam

    Love the size, multiple setting, it RECHARGEABLE and the pads are wonderful
    I had an old TENS until that bit the dust. I’m so glad it did! This unit is so much better in so many ways. The size is sooo small, not my big clunky unit. THe multiple settings are AMAZING. The fact that I no longer have to deal with batteries – can you say WONDERFUL!! and the pads seem much more durable than what I’m used to. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I use daily on my back, shoulder and elbow.

  30. Amazon Customer

    Works very good…fast delivery
    Works very good…fast delivery

  31. jdcmontana

    This little unit is a powerhouse. Fantastic value, very high quality unit. I’ve been suffering from Sciatica and the treatments at the chiropractor and physical therapy both included some time hooked up to a TENS unit. It seemed to be the most effective part of the treatment, so I bought this one and I’m extremely happy with the purchase. Every bit as good as the ones the professionals used on me.

  32. Alicia

    Works good
    This works good. I had an issue with the first one and the seller promptly sent me a new one. Takes some getting used to but after learning how to use it I now use it almost every day for leg pain.

  33. Michael Shelly Bryant

    Effective pain relief
    This unit helps my sciatic nerve pain immensely. I can’t live without it ,at this point. The battery lasts a very long time before needing a recharge. It is small and very convenient .

  34. deci3238

    Amazing and worth it.
    Best product I’ve ever bought to deal with back pain. It’s like a little masseuse in your pocket.

  35. Edna Canty

    book not descriptive on settings
    I don’t know what the other features are on the screen, they don’t show in the book what the settings are for so I’ve only been using the first setting that show the hands

  36. d.Lux

    Way to do s great service recovery!!!
    **Note: upgraded rating from 1 to 5 stars. I contacted the seller and he was so amazingly kind and thorough in replacing my order. Didn’t give me too much hassle other than asking for photos and/or video showing the defect, which is his right as a business owner and I’m glad he did so! That’s a great way to build trust for both parties and shoe that both sides have skin in the game. He expedited a brand new product to me and as I’d hoped, it performed beautifully. The first night I’ve been able to sleep without sweating from pain!! Awesome—simply awesome all around. Great until three weeks in when it completely stopped working.

  37. Gosford Lawrence

    Decent device
    I bought this unit for my best friend who get pains in her knee and shoulders when she race walks. I was skeptical at first, but she tried it and she said it worked. I twisted my ankle some weeks ago and all i did was give it an ice bath. The pain went for the most part, but when I rotated my foot, i still felt the pain. I decided to try it and behold, 90% of the pain went away, i could not believe it. I will try it again soon to see if it can deal with the remaining 10%. I am buying another for my father who has back pains.

  38. Marcia Bowers

    Five Stars

  39. Kip Harrington

    Five Stars
    so far this has been great!


    Great buy to help with sore muscles
    Simple to charge and use. Easy to manage and read settings on the Device. Useful sachet to store wires, leads, etc in between uses. It packs a punch to those sore muscles to get the blood flowing.

  41. Steven

    The hype is REAL!
    I was scared that this was going to be a piece of weak trash but, it’s very effective and versatile.

  42. Curtis

    No longer need to go to the doctor
    Replaces the need for going to a pt, Chiro etc. pulse patterns are a little odd but it offers many different options to find one comfortable to you. Battery life is incredibly long and I haven’t had to recharge it after a dozen uses so far.

  43. Onevoice

    compact, rechargeable TENS unit
    This is a great electronic muscle massager. It helps my wife’s muscles to relax after she has sprained them. She likes that it has rechargeable lithium batteries so that she doesn’t have to buy batteries.

  44. Poppy

    Good Product
    It is a good quality product at a good price, and is easy to use.

  45. Ethel Johnson

    Five Stars
    Love it

  46. William B.

    Works as advertised
    Works perfectly. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

  47. Rebecca Arnold

    Small and powerful
    This thing really packs a punch for such a small unit. Highly recommend if you want sore muscle stim and or suffer back pain

  48. Nancy W

    Happy with my purchase.
    Love it and it works great. It kinda a charge for a long time.

  49. M

    It helps
    I have a deep pain in both shoulders and upper back. I use this on both shoulders to help alleviate some of the pain. I like this tens unit because it is easy to use and it has a timer.

  50. David S.

    Initial Response Positive
    I’ve had TENS treatments many times by a physical therapist and doubted that this small, battery powered unit could deliver. I ordered and received it in three days with normal free shipping. Honestly, I’m amazed at its power and variable mode settings; I would never have expected this from a small, battery powered unit. Of course, the test of time is what truly counts, and I’ll update this review in the future..

  51. Richard Blackstock

    Small compact and really helped my pulled back muscles

  52. eunj

    I have several problems. I had Polio when I was 2, I recovered but now have Post Polio Syndrom which has settled in my lower back. In 2007 I was hit head on by a drunk driver. It crushed my heel and ankle. It was so bad they had to wait for2 months before they could do sugery. Of course that changed my life considerably. After saying all that: I have pain pretty much most of my body. After receiving my tins unit I applied it to my lower back and it was great. It relieved a lot of the pain and I would suggest to anyone who is in pain to purchase a tins unit. This one is great because it has so many options.

  53. Amazon Customer

    Works great
    Very easy to use, only had it for one week and have not needed to charge battery after initial charge so I would say the battery life between charges is excellent. Definitely recommend it to anyone who has knee pain.

  54. lovebubbles88

    How to exchange
    This is the second one we bought! Love it, but the second one came damaged (the screen is not visible). I don’t know how to exchange it.

  55. bookworm

    Helpful for pain!
    This unit is for my husband who has back, hip, and leg pain due to sciatica. We’ve only had the unit a few days, so kind of early to tell how much it will help him, but it does seem to make him feel better.

  56. Katie Sharp

    Happy with this unit!
    I love that it’s rechargeable. Also, the pads are great. The last unit I had, the pads didn’t stick.

  57. Rachelle Mohler

    Works great, better than expected. Awesome price.
    Thank goodness it got here quick. Works exactly as described, directions are easy to follow, diagrams for placement are added bonus. Didn’t realize it was a “mini” but works just like my big one that was way more expensive. Update: used if for the first time last night… it was perfect. Has a lot of power. Battery stayed charged for over an hour with bars to spare. I was able to get out of bed today without any pain. HIGHLY RECOMMEND…

  58. Sherry LaMont

    Works Great!
    Works great! Easy to use. I have lower back issues and this machine helps ease the pain.

  59. AleJung

    Great TENS
    Perfect size and easy to use

  60. Joe Alexander

    Great customer service team and a great product

  61. Gulsah

    Wire issue
    I have to send them back because some wires don’t work properly. Even though I tried all the solutions which are on the instruction book, nothing has changed. Otherwise, it’s perfect just small machine does a lot. Sorry! UPDATE: After my review, their support team emailed me and try to fix my problem. This is very professional for such a small business. Honestly, I didn’t expect quick answer and solution. Thank you for standing behind your products! And I recommend this small magic to people who are looking for useful massager.

  62. KC

    Awesome for pain relief
    Awesome for pain relief. I have used it on my trap to help with shoulder/back/neck pain and it does the trick. The settings are a little difficult to figure out. I tend to just use the same one over and over.

  63. Sandra A Sierra

    Excelente producto
    Buenisimo…solo que los parchos no son de los deshacen

  64. OClan

    Works well, Read the QA’s for instructions
    Updated review 8/8/18. The seller reached out after posting my original review offering a replacement, which I declined as my issue wasn’t due to non-functioning item. The TENS unit actually works well after using more regularly. My original rating was primarily due to the instructions which we figured out after reading other comments. Changing to 5 stars as customer service goes a long way these days! They will clearly support their customers. Hooray for the effort! ————————- Original review Works ok however feels really cheap with very poor supporting documentation/instructions. The symbols used look nonsensical as they do not mean what you would think. You have to resort to the QA section for instructions.

  65. Nana13

    Quality product
    Very good product. I purchased 3 of them. That should be enough in a review. Couldn’t believe how reasonable these were. It is a quality product.

  66. Aggie

    Five Stars
    Feels just like the one used in the chiropractor’s office. Helps a lot.

  67. breona

    The product work’s great
    I love this product it is awesome!!!! It really helps with the back pain i have. Awesome product

  68. Naichaya Chamroonkul

    Highly recommended.
    It’s really effective. Highly recommended.

  69. Miguel Sanchez

    Como funciona y el precio
    Me agrada mucho, lo utilizo para dolor de espalda.

  70. William Edward Whigham

    Works great
    Works great an received on time

  71. T. PAUL WEST

    Five Stars
    perfect…easy to use…and it works!

  72. Chang, Yuan-Li

    Five Stars
    Love it !! Shut up and take my money!!

  73. Eve S.

    Lightweight and easy to use
    Very nice TENS unit, easy to use and I like how compact it is.

  74. Raul Castro

    Functional & affordable but…
    It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It provides different settings and intensities, so that’s good. Battery life is also great. The only downside, though, is that the display is BRIGHT! And I don’t mean when using it with dim lights, I’m talking about ALL the time, so that’s really annoying because I try to set it up as quickly as possible because it can really hurt my eyes a bit.

  75. Amazon Customer

    Love this product
    Love this product, the difference between settings is perfect and there is an intensity for everyone. I use this product all the time!!! i would say i’d buy it again but it has lasted so long I don’t think i’ll have too!!!

  76. ValleyViolet

    Good pain treatment
    Nice little starter unit. The display is confusing but it works well for small areas.

  77. Elm700

    good product

  78. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    So good we bought TWO. Get one and you will fall in love too.

  79. Ed Griffin

    Four Stars
    Works well.

  80. idahomike

    Easy to set the mode and the timer
    Plenty of power. Long lasting battery. Easy to set the mode and the timer.

  81. Shopper

    Great resource that is compact and effective

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