NURSAL N83 Cordless Neck Massager Pillow Shiatsu Deep-Kneading Massage for Shoulder, Waist and Back with Heat, Longer Straps and Rechargeable Battery for Home Office Car Use

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  • CORDLESS & RECHARGEABLE: The internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers you 2 hours of wireless massage experience. A great choice to get rid of the tangle of wires and never be inconvenienced by a short cable again.
  • HEAT FUNCTION & 3D SHIATSU MASSAGER BALL: The optional heating function transfers warmth to muscles for relieving fatigue and tightness and improving blood circulation. The 3D shiatsu massage balls knead deeply in all areas of your body, relaxing your tired and aching muscles.
  • UPDATED LONGER FLEXIBLE STRAPS: An adjustable elastic strap on the back of the massager – longer than most of the products on the market – can be attached onto bigger chairs.
  • ONE-BUTTON CONTROL: The automatic mode changes the direction and speed every few minutes to provide a massage experience that mimics a human massage. You can change the direction at the touch of a button.
  • OVER-HEAT PROTECTION & AUTO SHUT-OFF: If the temperature reaches 40℃, the massage pillow will cut-off power automatically and it will also automatically shut-off after 15 minutes for safety purposes.


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Adjustable Straps

The highly elastic straps with vilcro are very easy to use, ensure the massager can be stably tied on office chairs and car seat.

​Cordless & Rechargeable-Desig

With rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 2 hours of using without plug. You can use this massager anywhere.

Overheat Protection & 30-Minut

The NURSAL cordless massage pillow equipped with 30-minute auto shut-off function and overheat protection device regarding of safety.

9 reviews for NURSAL N83 Cordless Neck Massager Pillow Shiatsu Deep-Kneading Massage for Shoulder, Waist and Back with Heat, Longer Straps and Rechargeable Battery for Home Office Car Use

  1. Kitmom

    This is very convenient as I can carry it anywhere. The size is perfect enough to cover my lower back but keep in mind that I am also a small chick. It lasted for a couple of uses and since it comes with a car charger, I am able to charge it while driving. There is only one mode of movement for this massager but that’s enough to relieve my lower back pain from pregnancy, the heat is also not too hot. It’s affordable so it’s so worth it rather than paying for someone to massage your back which a lot of times don’t end up being good.

  2. April

    This massager is great, and I cannot believe the price. My back aches from sitting too long for work, and so I am using this while I am sitting to keep my muscles loose, and help with my back pain. It is very strong, and feels like kneading on your back. It is also heated which is a plus. There’s a velcro strap to keep it in place in so that it does not move around from where you need it to be. Its nice that it can be charged and used without being plugged in. I have a different massager I recieved as a gift last year, but it is not cordless like this one, so it is not as easy to use. I really like this massager!

  3. Victor

    We bought this as a gift for my father after looking at the five star reviews..It works great for his foot and back.. shiatsu rollers are pretty sturdy. Both heat and cooling features are great.. cordless operation for upto 2 hours without heat. Most lovable part is .. it supports 240 v , portable and car charger. We are pleased with our purchase.

  4. DO0930

    I love this massager pillow. I work hard in a warehouse and I lift heavy items that cause me pain on my back and neck. I wanted a massager for so long and I bought this one. I am very happy with this purchase. It really helps me a lot after work. I use it almost every day at night before go to sleep, feels great on my back and neck. I like the heat on it is very relaxing I almost fall sleep sometimes. Helps to relax my tired and aching muscles. I really feel great the next day to go back to work. The battery last long and I like that I can use it in my car if I want too. Included a travel bag, regular charger and car charger and an instructions book. Also included a 12 month warranty with purchase registration. Good quality and durable. My teen son sometimes use it after school and he also loves it.

  5. Nada Chance

    This is a very strong massage, even when unplugged. The directions aren’t very exact; you don’t need to hold down the buttons. Push it to turn it on, push it again and the whole front turns red (it’s heating), push again to turn the heat off (it goes down to a single red light). It is MUCH too strong to lay down on or to put weight on. I propped my head up on pillows and put this under my neck, the pillows holding most of the weight, and it was amazing. Between the heat and the massage, it took about 25 minutes for the muscles to turn to jelly. Same thing with a really tight hamstring. Pillow under the calf to take some of the weight, and after a bit, my leg was no longer tight and painful.

  6. Kiran

    Neck shoulder and back pain for years from disc as well as other chronic issues. Constant therapy and chiropractor visits. The doctors notice less shoulder tension. Helps relax me enough to help sleep at night. Hoping to see better long term help with continued use. May need to use a towel between as others suggest to increase padding because the balls will make me sore to touch after use. Although I’m sure the heat would not be as effective when adding padding. Overall happy with the purchase when compared to my handheld massager only bacause i cannot use the handheld on myself with comfort. If they did make the balls with better softer support this product would be perfect


    Its works well

  8. Calvin C.

    So far so good! Just got this and am pleasantly surprised by its versatility. It’s not just a neck massager! I have a spot on my lower back that I’ve never been able to get our old chair back massager to reach. This does the trick!

  9. Richard

    Everything exactly as described. It includes two chargers – one for standard wall outlets and one that plugs into a car outlet. It runs while plugged in or off the rechargeable batteries inside. One press and it starts, another press and the heating lights turn on too, another price turns off the heating lights, and a final press turns off the device completely.

    I thought the pressure was perfect. Other reviewers mentioned it was really hard, but I didn’t find that to be the case. Maybe because I didn’t lay down on it but attached it to a high back char using the attached strap, and then I leaned back against it. The straps will also hold it in a car seat. I do a lot of driving so I’m considering whether I want to keep it on the car.

    I didn’t run it very long with the heating lights on because I don’t really need the heat, but it wasn’t noticeably hot. I probably need to leave the lights on longer to get it to heat up.

    Overall I’m very happy with the purchase. It appears well made and sturdy, and was a good price.

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